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Vance Lee's

Journey for a Cause

On July 29th, 2019, country music artist Vance Lee embarked upon an incredible solo cross country bike-packing journey. He is currently traveling from central eastern Florida all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada, playing gigs, delivering lectures, doing meet and greets, and giving interviews along the way. He is donating the proceeds of this prodigious endeavor to his cause: the nonprofit organization Change the World of One. Track his journey here and see the change he is making all around the world!

Vance Lee, CWOO WorldChanger™

On July 29th, 2019, Vance began an incredible solo bike-packing journey from central eastern Florida, traveling all the way across the country to Las Vegas, Nevada. Along the way he is playing gigs, delivering lectures, doing meet and greets, and giving interviews along the way. It is his wish to make this journey meaningful, so he has chosen a cause to support as his main goal.

About Vance

A favorite in the “honky tonks” across the United States, Vance Lee has been in the music industry for over 30 years, specializing in the golden era of country as well as his own original hits. Then one day four years ago after a personal family tragedy, he realized that he was tired of the rat race and the normal stressful American life. He decided that he would live life on his own terms.

It was then that Vance became a full time bike-packing country music artist, touring the southern United States while living free. He took to the road with his bicycle and everything he needed to live – including his guitar and amplifier – packed into a bike trailer, and never looked back. The unchained life of a nomadic musician suits him, and he makes the most of it, whether that includes battling mosquitoes, skunk apes and hurricanes or relaxing in the sunshine by the lagoon meeting new people and writing songs. He makes his living by pursuing his passion – playing his music in establishments wherever he wants to be at the moment.

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About Journey for a Cause

Journey for a Cause is fueled by amazing people, such as Vance Lee, the first official CWOO WorldChanger, who are driven to make the world a better place. To accomplish that goal, they have chosen to embark on a fundraiser journey to benefit Change the World of One (CWOO). Change the World of One is a nonprofit organization that implements humanitarian development projects, cultural exchange programs, and environmental conservation projects locally and globally. It focuses on sustainable empowering endeavors that address worldwide need with regard to healthcare, water & sanitation, income generation, environmental conservation and education & literacy. They believe that the way to change the world is by doing so one piece at a time – one person, one village, one cause.

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